Privacy policy of
Rosizolit LLC

ROSIZOLIT respects the rights of every visitor to our website (hereinafter referred to as the Website).
We fully recognize the value and importance of confidentiality of personal data of our Website visitors.
Whereas, our Website visitors who wish to use our services, namely by sending an email from the feedback form and/or submitting a request for products, shall fully accept this Privacy Policy.
General Provisions of Privacy Policy

  • We do not disclose your personal data to third parties;
  • We do not share your contact information with anyone without your personal consent;
  • You personally determine the scope and extent of personal data eligible for disclosure.

What information is required from users when visiting our resource (our Website)?

1) Personal information that you knowingly provide when submitting a feedback form on our Website;
2) Technical data that is collected automatically using software during the Website visit, and which becomes available to the Website administrator from standard server logs, particularly, from cms Tilda control panel integrated into the Website platform.

The data provided by the user during the registration process is not subject to authentication verification.

All technical data, including your IP address, can be analyzed by us solely for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of our resource functions and developing solutions to improve its performance in terms of usability (user friendliness).

The interrelation between the IP address and your personal data is not disclosed or transferred to third parties, except as required by law.

The Website visitors information, recorded by installed statistics counters, as well as Bitrix cms analytical block, is used:

  • to improve the quality of service of website visitors, simplify and improve the usability of the Website;
  • to obtain an implicit assessment of our Website functioning by visitors (time spent on the Website, pages visited, etc.);
  • personal data of visitors is used for statistical assessment of parameters such as activity on the Website, time of visit, address of the Website from where the visitors are coming from;
  • to measure the efficiency of our promotional campaigns;
  • to maintain contacts with users;
  • to promptly provide information of interest to users about the products and services of ROSIZOLIT;
  • to place an order based on a request for products sent by a user from the Website.

How do we use information collected about you?

  • We inform you about the products and services of ROSIZOLIT;
  • We place your order for products and/or services of ROSIZOLIT;
  • We answer your questions sent through the feedback form on our Website.

Information collected by our resource is stored no longer than the period necessary to achieve our stated purposes, except for legal nature cases.

Sharing Data with Third Parties

We never disclose or share your personal data with third parties but in cases required by law.

Use of Cookies

The use of small text files – Cookies, which are stored on your computer using a web browser and function as a user identifier, can be used for subsequent automatic authorization on the Website and the collection of statistical data. It is important to know and remember that we never store personal data or passwords in these files.

If for any reason you do not trust the use of Cookies technologies, then you may prevent files from saving on the computer that provides access to our Website.

This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to information collected by the Website of

Data Protection

The information provided by the user is protected by the Website administrator and uses it in accordance with the accepted Privacy Policy. The Website uses generally accepted security methods to ensure the protection of information from loss, distortion and unauthorized distribution. Security is implemented by the hosting provider's security software, access verification procedures, the use of website security modules cms Tilda, as well as compliance with this Privacy Policy by all employees of ROSIZOLIT.

The Website Administrator never asks for a password to access your personal account and never changes it at anybody’s request (including yours). If necessary, you may change the password yourself using a special “Forgotten Password Recovery” form.

Concluding Provisions

The Privacy Policy informs you about the Website's approaches to personal data handling. None of the statements contained herein shall be construed as conclusion of a contract or agreement between the Website Owner and the User providing personal data.

We reserve the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice.

The consent to the personal data processing is valid for 5 years, further it is extended if there is no recall application.

You may recall your consent to the personal data processing at any time by contacting the company by phone or writing an email to: ISOLIT@ROSIZOLIT.RU
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