Electrical industry plastics and composites

General information

Thermoplastics may not become infusible and insoluble when heated. Such plastics need to be cooled so to harden and remove them from the mold. Thermoplastics can be remolded after hardening, therefore they are called reversible. Thermoplastics include PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene, pressed polyamide, extrusion and injection molding masses. Thermoplastics are divided into into hard, semi-hard and soft plastics. The adjective “sheeted” is added to the names of thermoplastics produced in the form of semi-finished products – sheets, plates and boards designated for mechanical processing – bending, stamping, pneumatic molding and blowing, for example: sheet vinyl plastic, etc. Soft and elastic plastic masses containing a significant quantity of plasticizers and produced mainly in the form of sheets, tapes, hoses, etc., bear the technical name “plastic compound”. Different manufacturers produce thermoplastics from the same raw materials under their own brands, and the material designation shall be specified in accordance with the international DIN standard next to the brand name in the catalogs.