Rosizolit got through to the final round of the competition in the field of urban rail transport in the category of “New structural materials for bodies and frames of metro cars”

ROSIZOLIT became a finalist of the TMH Startup Platform in the field of urban rail transport.

The TMH Startup Platform was created with the aim of finding breakthrough solutions for the underground and urban passenger transport, which will form the basis of the trains of the future and will be included in the production cycle of Transmashholding (a leader among the manufacturers of railway and urban rail transport).

It is assumed that Duroplastic®will be used:

- as a structural material in the construction of new modern cars

- as an electrical insulating material replacing traditional composite materials in power equipment

- as an import-substituting material

As part of cooperation with TMH, ROSIZOLIT will prepare a pilot project for the use of the material Duroplastic®and integrate products into real-life industrial testing equipment.

The competitive selection was held from August 2021, in 6 technology areas. The list of finalists is published on the official TMH website

Organizers – Transmashholding (No. 1 among the manufacturers of railway and urban rail transport in Russia and the CIS and No. 4 on the international market), TMH Center for Advanced Technologies (a scientific research organization specializing in the search and implementation of advanced developments and technologies into TMH products) and the Skolkovo Foundation (the largest innovation center in Russia, specializing in the development of technology startups for 10 years).

You may take a look at our development Duroplastic® at our website